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The Reviews are in-

“Hudson Valley’s Most Prolific Author Returns” Chronogram Magazine
“Gehlert keeps you reading, and reading some more!” Withersin Magazine
“It is clear Gehlert has genuine storytelling ability..” Mark Justice, Horrorworld.org
“Contagion reads like a cult classic..” Horror Fiction Review
“Contagion is a fast paced chiller…with break neck action.” Mark Justice, Horrorworld.org
“Europa is a killer series.” JL Comeau, Countgore.com
“Jason Gehlert…will make you quiver with fright.” Times-Herald Record
“Demon Revolver is a shuddersome collection, fast-paced, innovative, and entertaining.” JL Comeau, Countgore.com

AND COMING SOON… The Brand New Novella, “Ferrymen”, exclusively from DAMNATION BOOKS.


Last Ride Bootlegged Video

Hello everyone, Chauncey here,

Mr. Gehlert recently appeared at Inquiring Minds bookstore in New Paltz on 3.18.2011, this bootlegged video of his reading "The Last Ride" is now live on youtube, http://www.youtube.com/user/quiverwolf unedited, running nearly 40 min in length, it is arranged from start to finish, four separate clips...


The other side will open on 11.7.10 Reality will be shattered GHOST PRINTS


Mark Justice's Review of Contagion at Horror World

In Jason Gehlert’s horror-thriller Contagion, a deadly, unknown virus spreads through a leper colony in Africa, transforming its victims into zombie-like monsters, until their bodies break down.

Before long a small team of scientist show up, along with the US military, and that’s when the fun begins. And by fun, I mean brutal violence, sex, and a bunch of killing.

Contagion is a fast-paced chiller. Author Gehlert has filled the pages with break-neck action. At a slim 213 pages, Contagion delivers the wallop of a much longer book. Picture a Clive Cussler book, for example, with the boring parts left out.

While Contagion is never boring, it is poorly edited. In some sections, it reads like the first draft of a novel, full of grammatical errors, clunky dialogue and odd word choices. It was enough to frequently pull this reader out of the story.

However, it is clear that Gehlert has some genuine storytelling passion. I hope he can find a good editor to help him elevate his work to the next level.

— Mark Justice


March 18th-Inquring Minds [Want to Know]

I will along with Robert Milby and possibly my wife Tammy Gehlert [schedule permitting], will be at Inquiring Minds on Main Street in New Paltz on March 18th, 7pm- to whenever the bar crawling ceases! Meet and Greet myself, and Hudson Valley Poet Robert Milby as we read passages from our short story collection Ghost Prints, available everywhere books are sold.

he other side opened 11.7.10 Reality will be shattered. GHOST PRINTS