Red Triangle Preview

Steeped in ancient Hawaiian Mythology, sharks are considered heroic, and are revered as the great guardians of the Hawaiian people. In these stories, the shark Gods have roamed the waters utilizing their ability to change back and forth between human and shark at gracious will
to warn swimmers that sharks were lurking in the water. The Gods have used their mystical powers to watch over the Hawaiian people, and at times have even rescued shipwrecked people by taking them safely back to shore.
Now, many decades later, the sharks have turned into something the Hawaiian people have quietly feared. Their worst enemy. What will happen when the shark Gods stop warning the people and begin hunting them down as prey?
Ancient mythology prominently declares that the sharks are the guardians of the seas.
Who will protect us when our guardians become the hunters?
A devastating new species has arisen from beneath the Earth’s surface, conjuring up fear within the small town of Bodega Bay. A relentless series of brutal attacks pits the town’s Sheriff, a Hawaiian marine biologist, a world-renown shark expert, and an ex-Sheriff with something left to prove against a trio of ancient soulless killing machines.

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