Europa's edit is done and sent in... I now will work on Europa 2's editing..

Made my rounds today setting up book events through the 2nd quarter of '09. Barnes and Noble, Borders, and smaller venues are on target.

Quiver Omnibus has been selling quite well, and Contagion still remains a fan favorite, and deserves to be on your book shelf for 2009.

Stonegarden.net is having a wonderful sale on all their books [including mine] so head on over and browse the store.

My other venture, The Garden [a collection of short stories] has been selling ridonkously with all proceeds going to the author's favorite charity. The Woodsman is part of the collection

I am awaiting word on some other exciting news, and will keep everyone posted throughout the coming weeks.

A confirmed date of Saturday, Feb 21, 1-4pm, Barnes and Noble in Poughkeepsie, New York will have myself and several other authors doing a massive local author event. Carnie Creek will be headline book.

Mankind's fight for survival begins
Europa: Rise of the Carnelians
7.4.09 from stonegarden.net publishers

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