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I've been thinking and have decided to update this blog to feature author and publisher interviews, so featured this week once again is Tim Marquitz, the author of the highly successful Demon Squad series. His work has appeared across many mediums such as novella's, novels, short story anthologies as well as editing anthologies for other publishers.

His interview in its honest, bone-jarring entirety is on this page-following this post. The next round of authors have their interview questions and include Bob Nesoff, author of Spyder Hole, Earl S. Wynn, author and narrator of the Dark Dreams podcast, William Cook, horror author extraordinaire and acclaimed editor of books and anthologies, including his best-selling anthology, Fresh Fear, Jennifer Caress who've I've known since our Stonegarden Days and her new novel with Black Black Sheet Books, and many others,

The purpose of this blog will to entertain you, our loyal readers to a fresh and established crop of authors and publishers. Hard hitting questions, comical questions, whatever drives my mood for that interview. The Wolf's Den is a horrible place, creeping with horror, and fearsome nightmares. A perfect abode for horror fans and authors to kick back and feel at 'home'.

All links to authors will be featured under the Bloody Trails section of the blog.

Please stop by and check out the blog, I have links to my books, Facebook page, and soon to promote my newest novel, contests and I will be put under the microscope answering YOUR questions.

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