Bride of Lazarus Now On Amazon!!!

Last year I released a rough versoion of my science fiction short story, Bride of Lazarus, written for my wife. Now, several months later, the new revision is available and within 6-8 weeks available everywhere online, including amazon.com

Here's the synopsis

For countless centuries, war has raged between good and evil, with one man, rich in royal blood carrying the sword of victory. Erich Lazarus thought the penultimate battle waged against the beast would be the final one. But, acting on the elder’s warning that the beast has escaped from his hellish prison and unleashed his army of demons on the world, Lazarus reluctantly agrees to fight his arch-enemy in the final battle that the elder’s have prophesied. The battered hero in search of faith and hope, has found true love, only to see it stolen away by his shape shifting enemy. Encapsulated in a hellish battlefield, Lazarus must devise a way to unleash his dying courage, face his deepest fears and not only save the woman he loves, but to restore peace and harmony to the universe.

Here's the link to order it right now from lulu.com


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