Angela Nestor


Communications expert, early 20’s,
knowledgeable in communications. A bit on the shy side. Attends
West Point. Her father is a well-known Senator

Angela Nestor
West Point, New York
1:15 PM
Working his tired body down the college corridor, Adrian
Blakely placed his hand on the large brown doors and pushed them
open. He scanned the large crowd of students. His orders were
simple: Find Angela Nestor. He walked across the stage and tapped
the talkative professor on the shoulder. Adrian thought he spotted
her, attempting to blend in with the crowd. Angela Nestor shifted
impatiently in her seat apparently trying to listen to the professor’s
lecture. . The professor’s droning voice started to weaken as it carried
across the vast auditorium, gliding over the student’s heads.
“Excuse me.” Adrian’s words rumbled over the stage.
The aged professor turned, startled, and looked at his unknown
“May I help you, sir?” Every word was drawn out with some
sort of angry denotation.
“I’m looking for someone,” Adrian responded. He turned back
and scanned the crowd once more trying to locate Miss Nestor.
“Who?” the professor’s voice was riddled with impatience.”And
who exactly are you, anyway?” His small eyes squinted through his
bi-focal glasses and sized up his gimpy intruder.
“I’m here on official business for the president,” Adrian said.
“Sure you are and I’m the Dalai Lama.”
“That’s funny. You look taller in the pictures.”Adrian’s voice
traveled through the microphone and over the captivated student
body. A muffed laugher spread across the room.
“Do you have proof?” the professor asked.
“Yes I do.” Adrian withdrew his cell phone.
“What are you doing?” The stunned professor watched Adrian
punch in a series of numbers.
Europa: Rise of the Carnelians 39
“When he answers, be short and sweet. Say Adrian Blakely is
here. He will tell you the rest.” Adrian handed over the small silver
Adrian impatiently waited for the professor to introduce him.
Mouth open, the professor took the phone and placed it to his
right ear as if it were covered in lice. Adrian heard the tinny voice of
a man’s voice over the air.
Adrian watched as the professor chatted with the president.
“Adrian Blakely is here.” The professor nodded as the president
chatted on the other end of the phone.
He returned the phone to Adrian and then cleared his throat.
“Will Angela Nestor, Franklin Lume, and Marsha Willows please
come to the podium,” he said to his students.
Adrian rocked back and forth, leaning on his arm brace for
“Excellent.” Adrian watched the students as they swiftly
approached.”The three of you come with me please.” When they
arrived, he shuffled them across the stage and towards the exit
Once Adrian led them out into the hallway, Angela stopped and
folded her arms.”Where are we going?”
Adrian turned his head to scan the beautiful young woman.”I
need to have a talk with you.” Adrian waved his hand at Franklin and
Marsha.”Please wait here while Miss Nestor and I have a chat.”
“Who are you?” Marsha asked without moving. Her bleached
blond hair kept wafting across her eyes. She pushed it aside every
time she moved her head from side to side.
“My name is Adrian Blakely, and I’m the wealthiest man in the
world.” That phrase never did seem to grow old.
“I did a report on your company for my economics class,”
Franklin said, sporting a pleased look.”I look up to you.”
“Nice. Now, please give me a few moments alone with Angela,”
Adrian casually responded, although he really had no plans for the
other two.
40 Jason Gehlert
“Where are we going?” Angela asked as she followed Adrian
across the hallway.
“President Forsythe has asked me personally to come and get
you for a special mission.”
“Yes, really,” Adrian’s snapped rolling his eyes.”He’s very
impressed with your commitment to the United States Armed Forces.
Your keen intelligence in the field of communications has led the
president to handpick you for this extremely important mission. A
mission that could save the Earth.”
“I’m intrigued.” Angela followed Adrian down the hallway.”So,
what’s the deal?”
“The deal is, meet me here tomorrow night at 7 P.M.,” Adrian
said as he handed her his business card. He let it rest between his left
forefinger and middle finger, waiting for Angela to make the move.
He watched her as she snapped up the black card with the gold
lettering. “Blakely Aeronautics?”
“That’s one of my many business fronts,” Adrian said.”Please,
don’t be tardy. I will be starting on time.”
Angela stared down shyly at the card and the color rose in her
cheeks.”I don’t know,” she said, but when she raised her head, all she
could hear was the clicking sound of the doors on the other side of
the hallway. Adrian was gone.

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