The Actors of Europa

Each week I will highlight a character from Europa, my forthcoming sci-novel due July 4 from Stonegarden.net publishers.

This week it is Dr. Nolan Drake, scientist and volcano expert. The schedule is posted below for each week, and the extracts from Europa can be found on my blog site, www.europa2045.blogspot.com, with facts about each character

Feb 23-Mar 1 Dr. Nolan Drake
Mar 2-8 Angela Nestor
Mar 9-15 Seth Padgett
Mar 16-22 Dr. Philene Fanchon
Mar 23-29 Ulysses Tarrant
Mar 30-Apr 18 [Vacation]
Apr 20-Apr 26 President Jackson Forsythe
Apr 27-May 3 Carnelians
May 4-May 10 Lieutenant Matthew Shaw
May 11-May 17 Gillian Shea
May 18-May 31 [Vacation]
June 1-June 7 Dwight "Bud" Stephens
June 8-June 14 Adrian Blakely
June 15-June 21 Commander Thaddeus Kaspar
June 22-July 7 Europa Contest

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